Marketing Your Event

The Marketing Department at Dominion Energy Center is available to assist with marketing your event to the community and helping to make it a huge success.

The following marketing services are available through ASM Richmond. All marketing requests must be submitted and communicated to the Director of Sales & Marketing, Tim Miller, or the designated Marketing Manager for your show ten (10) business days prior to the public on-sale to ensure execution of the below services. Please give ASM a budget and we will cater a plan to fit your needs. Should Licensee agree to use our services, Licensee relinquishes rights to go directly to Media Outlets.

Once confirmed, please immediately send over the following:

  • High-Resolution Artist Image
  • High-Resolution Artist Logo and/or Font
  • Tour Artwork (if any)
  • Artist Bio and/or Tour Press Release

ASM Richmond’s Additional Paid and Complimentary Marketing services are as follows:


  • Print: Print ads can be placed using ASM Richmond’s discounted rates in various publications.
  • Radio/TV: Spots can be placed using ASM Richmond’s rates. If you are not providing the spot, please let your Marketing Manager know as spot production requires additional cost and time.
  • Web: Banner ad placement available on local/regional websites, and genre‐specific websites.
  • Social Media: ASM can boost posts and create Ads across Facebook/Instagram and promote tweets viaTwitter.
  • Groupon/Living Social: ASM can provide options with local Groupon/Living Social if requested.
  • Venue Branding: ASM Richmond requests $100 of your marketing budget be designated for venue marketing and branding. This allows us to feature your event in the venue’s multi‐show advertising initiatives. You MUST let us know upon receipt of this document if not an approved cost.

Production / Street Team

  • Fliers: ASM Richmond’s preferred flyer sizing is 8.5x3.5 [3‐up]. There are flyer boxes located throughout the exterior of the box office and concierge table. If printing, please send a minimum of 500x.
  • Posters: We have six (6) PRINT poster boxes: three (3) internal & three (3) external. Plus a position behind the concierge desk. Poster boxes fit 11x17 prints. If printing, please send a minimum of 15.
  • Printing: ASM Richmond can provide printing. Please request a costing with your Marketing Manager.
  • Graphic Design: Graphic Design for print materials and/or localizing of Tour Admats is available at a rate of $60/hr, two‐hour minimum. Please allow for a five (5) day turnaround.
  • Street Team: ASM Richmond’s Street Team can distribute flyers and posters around the Richmond, area at a rate of $200 plus materials if requested. Please allow ten (10) days for distribution. Preferred poster sizing is 11x17.

Social Media / Web

  • Approved copy and artist image MUST be provided prior to the event announcement.
  • Facebook /Twitter/Instagram: ASM has designated employees who strictly handle the venue’s social pages. We are constantly active across all platforms (posting show updates, merchandise promotions, ticket promotions, local updates to increase engagement, etc). ASM will add Licensee’s show to event listings and run any specifically‐provided content. ASM will post at least three (3) teasers leading up to show and will do a complimentary ticket giveaway at Licensee’s request. See attached spec sheet for dimensions across the venue’s social platforms.
  • Facebook/Instagram: @dominionenergycenter
  • Twitter: @domenergycenter
  • Content Calendar: If your event has a content calendar and/or social timeline, please provide and the venue can directly follow, share, RT, etc. An additional social strategy can be implemented upon request.


  • Press Release: Complimentary press release, created by ASM Richmond or provided by Licensee, will be sent out to our statewide distribution list. Should Licensee need a press release created, please let ASM know five (5) days before the public on-sale. An APPROVED bio or press release, a high-resolution photo, and logo and/or font MUST be provided.
  • ASM Richmond Theater Newsletter: Complimentary Inclusion in the newsletter, which has a database of 150,000+ people. Show will be mentioned prominently the week of the on sale and the week of the show.
  • Calendar Inserts: ASM Richmond will insert and distribute event information and photo to various online local and regional community and event calendars.
  • Local Media Pitch: ASM Richmond can assist in pitching to local/regional print, radio and TV for interviews and features. We can act as liaison in facilitating interview schedules, communications, etc.
  • Marquee: ASM Richmond will list your event on our exterior Dominion Energy Center marquee at no charge. See spec sheet for dimensions.
  • Displays: Upcoming events can be showcased in several locations throughout the Dominion Arts Center. This includes large print displays, door‐clings, and pop‐up banners. Available upon request. Please contact us for location, dimensions, and pricing.
  • Logos: Provided upon request as both color and white versions.

Group Sales

ASM Richmond has a dedicated group sales department that can offer your group rates to influential area leaders. A group sales agreement that includes discounts, group minimums and the commission paid to ASM must be agreed upon prior to execution of any group sales efforts