Classic Albums Live Performs 'Hotel California'
Carpenter Theatre

Classic Albums Live Performs 'Hotel California'


About the Event

Dominion Energy Center has announced the Classic Albums Live Concert Series, featuring live performances of classic album fan favorites by the band Classic Albums Live.

Founded in 2003 by Craig Martin, Classic Albums Live takes the greatest albums and recreates them live on stage - note for note, cut for cut, using the best musicians. On June 29, Classic Albums Live will perform the Eagle’s 'Hotel California'.

Please note that the official band, the Eagles, are not performing at this concert event.

Tickets to the Classic Albums Live Concert Series are on sale now.


When Glenn Frey passed, we were all left scrambling for an answer. 

It was just after David Bowie had passed, and there was a sense of mild panic. 

It was as though the music we all grew up with was coming up on it’s expiration date.


The Eagles are the greatest American band. 

Inside of CAL we’ve had long talks about this. Some argue for the Doors - others for CCR. 

But it’s the Eagles. They sold the most records and their songs endure 

and will continue to endure for generations to follow.


We all have our personal image of what the Hotel California looks like. 

We can see ourselves in the lobby, we know what the staff looks like. We feel the vibe. 

That’s the secret ingredient in making a classic album - being able to insert yourself into the album.


Hotel California is one of the greatest albums ever made. 

There’s a reason why ‘New Kid in Town’ won a Grammy. 

The deep cuts - the ones that don’t get radio play

those are the ones that are like finding gold on a beach. 

‘Wasted Time’ is the ultimate heartache song. 

‘Pretty Maids All in A Row’ is Joe Walsh’s tour de force. 

And ‘The Last Resort’ should be taught in schools.


Classic Albums Live is simple in it’s quest: note for note - cut for cut. 

When you have amazing songs, a perfect album and a deep love of music - there’s nothing else needed. ‘Hotel California’ features CAL at it’s best. 

We plan to continue to pay this great work of art the ultimate respect.


craig martin

founder, classic albums live

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