Richmond Symphony Masterworks 7: From Salzburg to Guadeloupe
Dominion Energy Center

Richmond Symphony Masterworks 7: From Salzburg to Guadeloupe


About the Event

For some decades, Europe had two composers of unsurpassed talent:  Mozart from Salzburg (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) and Boulogne from Guadeloupe (Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges). They were both super-stars in their lifetimes and their elegant music was played at the top theatres and palaces in Paris and London. While the name of Mozart has survived through time, Joseph Boulogne, the first known classical composer of African ancestry, a virtuoso violinist, a conductor of the leading symphony orchestra in Paris, and a renowned champion fencer, disappeared. This concert will give them both a voice. Led by our Associate Conductor Chia-Hsuan Lin, this concert will feature the American violinist Rachel Barton Pine, a remarkable talent who debuted with the Chicago Symphony at age 10, and a great advocate of Boulogne’s music.

Join us for a safe, socially-distanced in-person concert OR watch from home via our online livestream option. Both In-Person and Watch from Home attendees can enjoy the concert online through June 1.