Uncle Vanya
Libby S. Gottwald Playhouse

Uncle Vanya

Presented by Richmond Shakes

About the Event

Content Warning: Please note a firearm is discharged on stage during the production.


After years of caring for their family’s crumbling estate, Vanya and his niece receive an unexpected visit from his brother-in-law and his alluring wife. When hidden passions and tumultuous frustrations come to a boil in the heat of the Russian summer, their lives threaten to come undone.


Comic, cutting, and true to life, this translation of Uncle Vanya provides an up-close, conversational-style encounter with a classic drama that every theatre lover must see.


This production offers an all-star cast and an exhilarating adaptation of one of the greatest plays ever written by celebrated playwright, screen writer and director, Conor McPherson.


Featuring: Bryan Austin, Calie Bain, Bill Blair, Debra Cinton, Matt Hackman, Kelly Kennedy, Alan Sader & Lindsey Zelli


Directed by Jan Powell